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CX – The Road to Sustained Competitive Advantage in the Financial Sector

November 15, 2021

CX - The roadmap to Sustained Competitive Advantage in the Financial Sector

In almost every industry, emerging technologies are disrupting the status quo and the state of competition through convenience-led digital products and services. The digitisation of the human experience means that consumers must look no further than to the device in their pocket for solutions to everyday problems. This is no exception in the banking, financial services and insurance sector or BFSI where smartphones have become the new banking channel for consumers – especially for millennials. In this paper, Glenn Post, Engagement Director at Monstarlab EMEA, has provided an explicit guide to the latest CX trends and practices which could improve business performance.

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About Monstarlab:

Monstarlab is a digital experience partner focused on accelerating growth for ambitious clients. We achieve this through our human-centred design and engineering expertise, our open partnership approach and our extensive network of global talent.


Glenn Post

Glenn Post

Engagement Director

Monstarlab EMEA

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