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As companies navigate fast-changing consumer behaviours and expectations, technology plays a key role in keeping them ahead of the curve.

This page offers the opportunity to learn from seasoned industry experts and gain best practices from Monstarlab's vast experience in solving industry challenges. We will tackle issues that might be stalling your full digital transformation journey. Whether you are unsure of where to begin due to fragmented tech systems or wary of steep investment costs, we can help point you in the right direction.

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Portrait of James Hall
Executive Engagement Director
James Hall
James is a creative digital leader with 25 years’ experience in strategy, innovation, service and experience transformation. He leads our growth and client engagement functions in the UK and also heads our Newcastle office. He is passionate about using technology and the latest market thinking to create solutions that transform experiences; delivering value for clients, their customers and employees, and society. He has worked across a range of clients in banking, customer service, utilities, manufacturing and government, and has a particular specialism in Smart Places.
Client Engagement Manager
Thomas Vase
Thomas is a seasoned commercial professional and has successfully been building close client relationships for more that 10 years in a variety of industries ranging from design agencies, to FMCG, IT and the global maritime industries. Thomas brings a unique perspective to the transport and logistics sector. Leveraging on his extensive experience and passion for technology and natural curiosity to bring new technology into well-established industries. Thomas is motivated by delivering exceptional results for his clients and enjoys working with complex problem solving and presenting them in an easy to digest format for his clients, he is based in our Copenhagen office.
Executive Strategy Director
Alexander Holdsworth
Alex is a director in Monstarlab’s consulting practice, with over thirteen years’ of experience in helping organisations understand and drive value from digital technologies. Alex is a proud 'quant' with a focus on how organisations can use their data more effectively and crucially - how they can realise value. He has worked across a range of sectors including banking, insurance, and the public sector, and previously, within Accenture’s ecosystem business, working with fintechs and other incubated companies.