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Helping Banks Navigate the Digital Disruption

Digital disruption and technological innovation are a game-changer in the UK’s retail banking market. Gaining a competitive advantage in this environment not only takes speed and agility, but also investment in technology and services.

To keep up with the pace of change and meet their customers’ evolving needs, retail banks and building societies must transform the way they empower their employees, serve customers, adapt to change and get ahead of the curve.

Monstarlab offers expertise across strategy, service design and technology to help banks and building societies turn these challenges into an opportunity for accelerated growth.

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Portrait of James Hall
Executive Engagement Director
James Hall
James is a creative digital leader with 25 years’ experience in strategy, innovation, service and experience transformation. He leads our growth and client engagement functions in the UK and also heads our Newcastle office. He is passionate about using technology and the latest market thinking to create solutions that transform experiences; delivering value for clients, their customers and employees, and society. He has worked across a range of clients in banking, customer service, utilities, manufacturing and government, and has a particular specialism in Smart Places.
Anders Skjot Kongsbak portrait
Associate Senior Strategy Consultant
Anders Skjøt Kongsbak
Anders is one of our strategy consultants in the UK. As one of our SMEs in banking and finance, Anders has worked intensively with technology vendors in the financial services industry to expand and deliver market leading offerings. He has also advised businesses on positioning in the various markets based on market conditions and the legal playing field. He works to bridge the gap between the desires of the business, its customers and the technology offerings available in the market. In this way, he aims to ensure that available innovative technology is understood by business stakeholders and weaved into offerings to generate competitive advantage.
Charlie MacDowell, Engagement Manager
Engagement Manager
Charlie MacDowell
Charlie is part of our engagement team in the UK, working with clients to understand their needs and activating teams to deliver digital strategies and solutions to underpin success. Charlie has 15 years' experience working with technology companies across sectors including TMT, retail, banking and construction. For the last four years, she has worked at the cutting edge of innovation, supporting businesses to access knowledge from academics to develop next generation technologies with the power to transform entire sectors. In particular, she facilitated a number of projects leveraging digital technologies to improve productivity, safety and the environmental impact of construction.