The United Kingdom

Information Security Policy

At Monstar Lab, we aim to change the world with technology, and have expanded our digital music streaming service to a wide range of website strategy services. With this in mind, we recognize the importance of information security as it is our goal to keep all information we receive from customers and any other informational assets safe and sound. Here at ML, we have established and set up an information management system in order to protect every piece of information obtained from hazards. Below, we state our information security policy.

  1. At ML, we are making continuous improvements in regards to information security and follow regulations that help us identify information security risks and threats. We actively identify and make clear of our liability towards informational assets. Here at ML, informational assets are stored with the utmost care.
  2. ML provides educational and awareness drills for our supervisors, employees and other related persons in order to protect the information we hold from security threats.
  3. In the unlikely event of a information security breach, we will put all our efforts in preventing damage and escalation of the problem at once.
  4. We comply with customer contracts and any laws in relation to the handling of informational assets.