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We are Monstars, the core essence of Monstarlab. A global community of ambitious strategists, designers, and digital engineers. 20 Countries; 1300+ strong and growing.

In the UK, we have offices in London and Newcastle. We have ambitious growth plans, so if you’ve got a curious, innovation-first mindset and want to work with high profile clients, experienced peers and worldwide opportunities - we just may be the perfect place for you.

Our Values

In the UK, our company values drive the way we work with our colleagues, clients and partners all over the world. They unite us, and guide every decision we make. As a Monstar, you will strive to:

Amplify your impact
Cultivate a curious mind, have fun and never stop learning. Team up with the right people and leverage technology to amplify a good idea into something amazing that can benefit millions.

Be Borderless
Be open to different perspectives and embrace diversity. Our connected world provides endless opportunities, so find new paths, build new relationships and experience all you can.

Create Value
We earn the right to work with our clients; it’s our job to make a great business even better. Be bold, move quickly, and always deliver quality.

Do what’s Right
We’re all responsible for our actions and the effect they have on the world. Stand for what you believe in, even when that’s hard. Be kind and try to make the world around you a better place.

Our Success Stories

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Charlie MacDowell, Engagement Manager
Engagement Manager
Charlie MacDowell
Charlie is part of our engagement team in the UK, working with clients to understand their needs and activating teams to deliver digital strategies and solutions to underpin success. Charlie has 15 years' experience working with technology companies across sectors including TMT, retail, banking and construction. For the last four years, she has worked at the cutting edge of innovation, supporting businesses to access knowledge from academics to develop next generation technologies with the power to transform entire sectors. In particular, she facilitated a number of projects leveraging digital technologies to improve productivity, safety and the environmental impact of construction.
Executive Engagement Director
Alexander Holdsworth
Alex is one of our Executive Engagement Directors, based in London. He leads our UK team in the private healthcare, insurance and scale-up sectors - working on clients that build mobile banking apps all the way through to smart showers. His background is in consulting, having spent a decade working in strategy and innovation - including within Accenture’s ecosystem business, working with fintechs and other incubated companies. Working with growing companies, his approach is to avoid wheel reinvention and bootstrap platforms and products from proven approaches and assets.
Amale Ghalbouni Portrait
Executive Strategy Director
Amale Ghalbouni
Amale heads up our strategy practice in the UK. Her expertise sits at the intersection of business strategy, innovation and human-centred design. She has worked extensively with clients across various sectors on creating new products and services, transforming the way they operate through digital, and helping them gain competitive edge by diversifying and focusing on solving customers’ unmet needs. She partners with clients to identify the highest value opportunity to solve for, brings the voice of the customer into the boardroom and collaborates with the team to deliver a viable, desirable and delightful solution to market.
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