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Technological innovation and digital disruption have created a new frontier for the health and social care sector. Big data, AI, and mobile wearable technology, combined with the rise of on-demand services, are all reshaping the way healthcare is delivered in the UK.

Digitalisation can not only help in implementing efficient ecosystems and delivering new services, but it can support a more personalised experience for patients that leads to improved outcomes.

Learn how Monstarlab supports companies on their journey towards digitalisation, helping them to build new ecosystems, create new access models for patients and turn technological challenges into exciting opportunities.

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Executive Strategy Director
Alexander Holdsworth
Alex is a director in Monstarlab’s consulting practice, with over thirteen years’ of experience in helping organisations understand and drive value from digital technologies. Alex is a proud 'quant' with a focus on how organisations can use their data more effectively and crucially - how they can realise value. He has worked across a range of sectors including banking, insurance, and the public sector, and previously, within Accenture’s ecosystem business, working with fintechs and other incubated companies.
Sukhmeet Panesar Chief of Health Office
Chief Health Officer
Sukhmeet Panesar
Sukhmeet is our Chief Health Officer at Monstarlab. He trained as a clinician in emergency medicine and public health in London and enjoys playing at the confluence of meaningful, empathic digital transformation and population health and wellbeing. He is widely published in the field of health services research, specifically patient safety and health system redesign. Most recently, he has led digital transformation across a large group of 600+ individuals across the disciplines of data and analytics across NHS England and NHS Improvement. He also has a keen focus on developing the workforce to meet the challenges of tomorrow, and leads a pan-UK endeavour that brings together 16,500 data professionals and analysts called AnalystX.
Portrait of James Hall
Executive Engagement Director
James Hall
James is a creative digital leader with 25 years’ experience in strategy, innovation, service and experience transformation. He leads our growth and client engagement functions in the UK and also heads our Newcastle office. He is passionate about using technology and the latest market thinking to create solutions that transform experiences; delivering value for clients, their customers and employees, and society. He has worked across a range of clients in banking, customer service, utilities, manufacturing and government, and has a particular specialism in Smart Places.