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We help founders accelerate growth

As technology continues to disrupt traditional industries and create brand new ones, the role of entrepreneurs in starting and scaling innovative tech-led businesses is ever-more important.

Discover how we’re working in partnership with founders, investors and advisors to accelerate the design, build and launch of complex digital products - unlocking new levels of customer experience and increasing commercial value.

What happens when Monstarlab partners with scaling businesses?

We’ve partnered with 25+ teams of founders, advisors and investors in the last few years, with some pretty impressive outcomes:

- We developed a client app in a brand new vertical that enabled a $3.1 billion acquisition

- We reduced product launch time from 18-months to 4-months to hit investor milestones

- We pivoted a fintech idea, raised £5M+ in funding, incubated it for 8 months, then handed it to the team we helped hire

- We proved technical feasibility for a revolutionary fintech, raised £2.5M and are currently incubating the entire platform

If you’d like to talk more about what we do and how we do it, we’d love to chat.

How we Accelerated Launch to Secure a $3.1billion Acquisition by Uber

Ride-hailing service, Careem, partnered with Monstarlab to accelerate the launch of a new customer-facing app and backend infrastructure in the food delivery sector. Our team reduced time to market from 18 to 4 months, enabling Careem NOW to reach 1M orders in less than 12months and to play a key role in the subsequent $3.1bn acquisition by Uber.

Top Tips: Ten Ideas to Help you Build a Solid, Scalable Digital Business

Our Product Strategy Lead, Luke Gallimore, shares ten tips to help you build a solid, scalable digital business. Includes advice on bootstrapping, hiring, designing and when it’s actually ok to use waterfall.

Client Stories: Partnering for Success

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Meet the ScaleUp Team

Associate Senior Strategy Consultant
Anders Skjøt Kongsbak
Anders’ core interest is the early stage of company conceptualisation, finding new ways of bringing value to end consumers through strategically targeted use of technology in services and products. A specialist in Financial Services technology, he actively investigates new opportunities for innovation, leveraging emerging technology through regulatory frameworks and industry trends. As a Strategy Consultant, Anders’ work covers several areas of business startup and growth, from technology choices and business processes to operations, GTM and Platform strategy.
Solution Architect
Danny Lee
Danny works closely with clients and internal stakeholders to shape and steer projects from a technical perspective during their earliest stages - from new business concepts to project discovery and definition. A former software engineer himself, Danny’s not afraid to get hands-on with prototyping spikes to help make decisions on technologies, architecture or vendor choices. Once a project moves into production, Danny assumes the role of technical lead for the development team, communicating his vision through carefully crafted user stories, technical diagrams and project documentation. His ultimate goal is to launch solidly built, secure and efficient digital solutions that leverage the latest languages and patterns, best in class third party tools and emerging technologies.
Engagement Director
Alexander Holdsworth
Alex leads our UK team in the start-up and scale-up sector - working on clients that build mobile banking apps all the way through to smart showers. His background is in consulting, having spent a decade working in strategy and innovation - including within Accenture’s ecosystem business, working with fintechs and other incubated companies. Working with growing companies, his approach is to avoid wheel reinvention and bootstrap platforms and products from proven approaches and assets.
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