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Private Healthcare Report 2022: great outcomes through digital transformation

April 05, 2022

Monstarlab Private Healthcare ReportLeading up to the Covid-19 pandemic, the adoption of emerging digital technologies in the healthcare sector was muted. But the challenge of delivering private healthcare during a time of social distancing and remote working led to the rapid implementation of new digital tools, ecosystems and approaches to every level of care delivery. The pandemic also highlighted health inequalities and discrepancies in care across geographies and groups of patients. Some of which could be solved by meaningful and empathic digitisation.

It is no exaggeration to say that the rise of innovative technologies in the private healthcare sector will be game-changing. Business models that were previously dominated by manual processes, cumbersome delivery models, in-person consultations and disjointed systems are set to be transformed by digital approaches that create efficiencies, promote great patient experiences and allow for expanded and enhanced services.

As the healthcare sector becomes disrupted by digitalisation, it is imperative that providers seek to adopt and implement innovations as they become available.

In this Private Healthcare report, we discuss four key areas where technology has the potential to be truly revolutionary, both for providers and patients.

  1. Learn from the retail and banking sectors by putting the patient experience at the heart of private healthcare
  2. Make healthcare as personal as possible, tailoring to people’s needs and gaining a full perspective of their lifestyle and health
  3. Build efficient ecosystems that increase staff productivity, automate clerical tasks, boost morale and reduce burnout
  4. Take advantage of cutting-edge innovations to implement mobile services, take advantage of robotics and AI, and other smart technologies.

Embracing new trends as they emerge and adopting new approaches to care delivery are vital not just to improve outcomes, but also to be competitive in a sector where digital disruption is only in its infancy. Get the latest insights here

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Sukhmeet Panesar

Sukhmeet Panesar

Chief Health Officer

Suki is our Chief Health Officer at Monstarlab. He trained as a clinician in emergency medicine and public health and is widely published in the field of health services research, specifically patient safety and health system redesign. Most recently, he has led digital transformation across a large group of 600+ individuals across the disciplines of data and analytics. He has a keen focus on developing the workforce to meet the challenges of tomorrow, and leads a pan-UK endeavour that brings together 16,500 data professionals and analysts called AnalystX.

Alexander Holdsworth

Alexander Holdsworth

Executive Engagement Director

Alex is a director in Monstarlab’s consulting practice, with over thirteen years’ of experience in helping organisations understand and drive value from digital technologies. Alex is a proud 'quant' with a focus on how organisations can use their data more effectively and crucially - how they can realise value. He has worked across a range of sectors including banking, insurance, and the public sector, and previously, within Accenture’s ecosystem business, working with fintechs and other incubated companies.

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