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May 18, 2023

Data and Behavioural Science: The key to reducing claims and costs in health insurance?

This paper is part of our new Industry Perspective Series, read the full report here. — Health insurers are facing pressure from two directions. The costs of providing health services are rising thanks to higher inflation and the emergence of ...

May 10, 2023

How AI is empowering manufacturers to operate smarter, faster and more safely 

Manufacturing is a fast-paced industry, where every stoppage or accident can cost businesses massively. This is where technology is key – helping businesses to gain a competitive advantage by driving efficiency, in...

Artificial Intelligence

May 10, 2023

AI in Manufacturing: What’s changing and why it’s crucial to adapt now

Artificial Intelligence (AI) continues to be a hot topic across almost every industry, with its almost countless applications introducing sweeping changes and improvements that drive better outcomes for businesses. Howev...

Artificial Intelligence

AI developed drug

February 18, 2022

How AI is transforming drug discovery

In this article we cover the transformational potential of AI technology for drug discovery. After an introduction of the challenges facing the pharmaceutical industry, we discuss three different aspects of how AI techno...

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digital trends driving eCommerce and Retail

April 19, 2021

Digital Trends Driving eCommerce, Wholesale and Retail into the Next Normal

As businesses and consumers are ushered into the next stage of overcoming pandemic conditions, wholesale, retail, and ecommerce continue to transform. Exploring and developing various strategies to meet evolved customer ...

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Life Science Company, woman looks in iPad

June 04, 2021

5 Changes Life Science Companies are Making in their Digital Strategy

According to experts, life science companies are past jumpstarting digital transformation and are well into adapting their new systems [1]. However these companies are discovering that complacency is not an option as the...

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mobile healthcare app

March 22, 2021

3 Technologies Your Healthcare App Should Have

In recent developments, mobile healthcare applications are coming to the fore and making era-defining impacts on healthcare. Increasing service mobility, accessibility, and affordability, a host of emergent mobile techno...

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VR experience - a man in VR glasses

January 27, 2020

Four Technology Trends that will Shape the Financial Sector in 2020

How to stay relevant in the de-banked consumers’ minds with up-to-date technology trends There is no doubt that the development of technology is moving at a rapid pace no matter which industry you are looking at, and...

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Creating a Seamless Digital Experience for Patients

February 01, 2021

Creating a Seamless Digital Experience for Patients

In healthcare, along with the rise in demands from patients and consumers, rises the costs of meeting those demands with expensive methods and innovations. Across the globe, healthcare systems are challenged by a continu...

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Pharma Forward: Digital Innovations Revolutionising the Industry

February 01, 2021

Pharma Forward: Digital Innovations Revolutionising the Industry

According to industry market research, two years after the IPO bumper year for stocks, the Life Science sector is at an inflection point. Pharma and biotechnology organisations are searching for new measures to future-pr...

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