United Arab Emirates


Improving Sales and Distribution Through eLearning

Tempur Sealy International Inc. transformed their business processes through user-centric thinking.
As a luxury brand, Tempur was challenged by third-party retailers not delivering the same level of service and expertise as their product and brand promised. With high costs related to training sessions and a more mobile sales team, they were looking for a smarter solution. They also had an objective of becoming the world’s favourite mattress and pillow brand.

Through motivating eLearning that leverages gamification dynamics on a device staff were familiar with, Tempur was able to educate retailers in a creative and engaging way. The app has increased top-of-class mentality amongst sales personnel, as well as securing a higher level of service. It has also provided country managers with valuable statistics and knowledge of their sales team.
13 Minutes Average Usage Time.
93% Return Use.

60.000 Screen Views per Month

The Partnership.

Taking Part in Tempur’s Digital Transformation, Optimising Sales and Marketing Processes

Through the project, Tempur was made aware that a digital transformation was needed for the entire organisation, and Monstarlab has been a big part of that process via optimising their internal and external processes. The app has resulted in an optimisation of their communication and sales and marketing processes:

Raising awareness and the level of knowledge
Improving communication and providing user data
Training and onboarding provided by Monstarlab


  • Swift
  • Java
  • PHP


  • Alamofire
  • Blobfish
  • Codemine
  • Kingfisher
  • SnapKit
  • GSON
  • Butterknife
  • Glide
  • JUnit
  • Laravel
  • Guzzle
  • Linux
  • NGinx
  • MySQL
  • Redis
  • Beanstalkd
  • S3


  • Urban Airship
  • Google Analytics
  • Bugsnag
  • NStack