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Revitalizing Wholesale, Retail & eCommerce for the Next Normal

The wholesale & retail industries took a huge hit due to the pandemic. Customer behaviours and preferences rapidly evolved forcing businesses to quickly adapt to digital channels in a bid for survival.

After a year of a fast-tracked digital journey, now is the best time to recalibrate and set our sights on the future while keeping tabs on our learnings. On this page, you can get actionable insights from seasoned experts and relevant cases and learn how Monstarlab can help you in the next crucial phases of your business growth.
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Head of Product Management
Luke Gallimore
5+ years of product management experience across the automotive, Fintech, FMCG and real estate brands. Recent experience includes transformation programmes for The Volkswagen Group and Avon. Luke is currently the Head of Product Management for Monstarlab EMEA, where he scales the team and builds capability amongst the business.
Strategy and Delivery Lead
Tobias Lund-Eskerod
Tobias has more than 10 years’ experience within the insurance and financial sector, with focus on Customer Experience, Insight, CSR, Ethics and Sustainability as well as the use of data to create business value. Tobias has successfully driven and implemented a number of digital projects in his role as a CRM director with responsibility for global Customer Strategy. Tobias has a deep knowledge within analytics and the use of data and teaches within this topic as an External lector at CBS.
Engagement Director
Alexander Holdsworth
Having worked in and around data and digital for nearly 10 years now Alexander is passionate about helping organisations really understand how it can transform how they work. Although he is a numbers person by trade, at his heart he is a creative. Alexander is an economist by background, having completed the CFA, and have spent many years leading teams building various financial models and appraisals.