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  • San Fransisco

    San Fransisco

    Will Tachiiri

    Country Manager

    Year of Fundation : 2014

    Our San Francisco branch focuses primarily on sales and marketing activities for the US market. They are equipped to handle research relating to US-oriented product development, and consultations regarding US establishment and incorporation procedures. They also consult with US-based corporations with regard to localization and marketing their products for introduction into the Chinese, Japanese and Southeast Asian markets.

  • Tokyo

    Tokyo, Japan

    Hiroki Inagawa


    Year of Fundation : 2006

    Headcount : 120

    In addition to developing high quality applications, Monstar Lab’s head office in Tokyo specializes in upstream (top-level) processes, UI/UX design and management of IT development projects. We also develop and operate our own products, which include music streaming/distribution services, mobile games and travel information apps.

  • Osaka

    Osaka, Japan

    Hirotaka Tomobe

    Area Manager

    Year of Fundation : 2016

    Our Osaka branch focuses primarily on sales and marketing activities targeting Western Japan.

  • Shimane

    Shimane, Japan

    Tomohiro Yamaguchi

    Branch Manager

    Year of Fundation : 2014

    Our Shimane branch (located in Shimane, the original birthplace of the Ruby programming language) specializes in server-side development utilizing Ruby.

  • Qingdao

    Qingdao, China

    Haitao Liu

    Branch Manager

    Year of Fundation : 2014

    Our Qingdao branch serves as a remote service team location, with a complement of server-side engineers on site. They specialize in LAMP (LNMP) development and infrastructure building activities.

  • Chengdu

    Chengdu, China

    Liqun Zhang

    China Regional Manager

    Year of Fundation : 2011

    Our Chengdu branch specializes in the development of iOS and Android applications and social games, production of illustrations, and planning and development of applications for the Chinese market.

  • Shanghai

    Shanghai, China

    Wei Jiang

    Brunch Manager

    Year of Fundation : 2015

    Our Shanghai branch focuses on China-oriented sales and marketing activities. They also consult with companies based in other countries regarding localization and marketing activities geared towards the Chinese market.

  • Dhaka

    Dhaka, Bangladesh

    Year of Fundation : 2015

    Headcount : 50

    Our Bangladesh branch specializes in front-end development, Java-based web services and UI/UX development. They handle jobs (primarily from clients in the English-speaking world) at reasonable cost, and with high level English communication skills.

  • Hanoi

    Hanoi, Vietnam (LIFETIME technologies Co., Ltd)

    Matsunaga Masahiko


    Year of Fundation : 2005

    Headcount : 70

    Our Hanoi branch boasts the highest complement of high-class engineers and bridge engineers in Vietnam with extensive experience in developing applications and services geared towards the Japanese market. They specialize in the development of Java and PHP-based enterprise systems and web services, etc.

  • Da Nang

    Da Nang, Vietnam (Asian Tech Co., Ltd)

    Truong Dinh Hoang


    Year of Fundation : 2014

    Headcount : 250

    Da Nang is a city that is drawing particular attention over other cities in Vietnam, a country which is currently displaying a boom in software development. Our Da Nang branch is Monstar Lab’s largest-scale development location, and carries out stable and consistent development activities focusing primarily on the development of smartphone apps and web services.

  • Singapore


    Naoki Tamura

    Country Manager

    Year of Fundation : 2013

    Our Singapore branch focuses primarily on sales and marketing activities targeting the Asian region. With development teams composed of members from countries such as Bangladesh, India and the Philippines, they handle a diverse and varied range of development projects.

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