United Arab Emirates

International Broadcaster

Using strategic project management to transform a multinational broadcaster

A multinational broadcasting service required strategic project management support to create a business model and transformation program over a two year period. 
An eminent regional broadcaster was challenged by several market entrants, offering streaming services and new content to the region. With high costs and a steadily reducing subscriber base, the client was looking for several effective solutions and opportunities to turnaround the business. 

Through a restructuring of their operations and identifying multiple operational efficiencies, the broadcaster successfully achieved their “operational turnaround” leading to approximately 30% reduction in general and administrative expenses and staff costs while simultaneously strengthening their talent base with the necessary expertise. The client were then able to deliver their product to 25 countries in the region through their novel streaming platform
28% reduction in general and administrative expenses

The collaboration

Our approach consisted of navigating through complex activities and multiple workstreams by driving holistic and comprehensive insights. This ensured transparent and traceable workflows that were completed on time, strong governance and communication and clearly defined KPIs that were measurable throughout the process.

Any deviations from the project plan were swiftly picked up with our Project Risk management approach to ensure timely and measurable actions were taken. Additionally, we were engaged in capability building, producing 12 certified green belts to create a more sustainable operation.

About the client

The client is a multinational entertainment content company based in the Middle East and operates across 17 different countries in the Middle East and Africa. The group delivers content across streaming platform, satellite channels, and b2b offerings