The United Kingdom


Working collaboratively to create a premium, smart shower experience.

Aqualisa, one of the leading premium shower brands within the UK, were looking for a partner to help them extend their product offerings into the ‘smart home’ space. They wanted to leverage the Internet of Things (IoT) and create a smart shower ecosystem through the development of a mobile app paired with Alexa and Google Voice.
Aqualisa wanted to enable their customers to start their shower at their perfect setting from their phone or voice assistant. Monstarlab has extensive experience implementing smart technology so it was an ideal partnership.

At the start of the partnership, Monstarlab took the time to understand the business and what Aqualisa and their customers required, then choose the right people and tools for the job. The project required a blend of skills across infrastructure, mobile development, user experience design and voice skill development.

Monstarlab built a platform designed to scale, capable of handling millions of requests and be flexible enough to support multiple smart home vendors and integrations. To create a groundbreaking digital experience for Aqualisa customers, this was paired with engaging iOS and Android apps as well as Smart home skills on the Alexa and Google home platforms.

Smart technology with multiple integrations

Through a series of collaborative workshops, Monstarlab understood how Aqualisa wanted to differentiate themselves in the market and position themselves ahead of their competitors by utilising Smart technology. Offering a seamless, personalised customer experience was a top priority to retain their leadership within the high-end shower market. Monstarlab presented a roadmap to achieve these goals and create the best experience for Aqualisa’s customers.

The solution required interfacing with custom built shower hardware and firmware, and engineering an extremely low latency communication between the shower device and the smart shower platform in order to minimise friction. Monstarlab developed native iOS and Android mobile applications to securely connect and start the Aqualisa smart shower and a scalable IoT infrastructure to allow the platform to grow with the success of the product. A key challenge was guiding the user through the process of connecting the shower to the internet via the mobile application, however this was navigated by thorough user testing to create a compelling user experience.

Following the successful launch of these products, Monstarlab implemented a product analytics framework so that future decision making is driven by data and will lead to better ROI. Monstarlab is continuing to work with Aqualisa to extend their smart shower proposition and keep them positioned as market leaders.

About Aqualisa

Since 1977, Aqualisa has been pioneering the way in which we shower. Aqualisa designs and manufactures showering products that are aesthetically pleasing and aspirational, but which are vitally renowned for their power, performance and reliability. Aqualisa also focuses obsessively on safety, quality and durability as well as embraces the latest technology. Their journey started with the introduction of the revolutionary bimetallic, thermostatically controlled shower valve, allowing shower temperatures for the first time to be stable and safe. This success inspired Aqualisa to invent the world’s first ever digital shower introducing electronics that enable the temperature to be adjusted instantly and very precisely. From then, they have continued to adopt exciting new technology to create the most personalised shower experience.