The United Kingdom


The DOT App – Stay Connected Underground

A visual beauty, DOT’s app provides passengers with multiple ticket options, facial recognition and solves a travel problem known since the dawn of digital.
DOT (Din Offentlige Transport) contacted Monstarlab, as they wanted a partner with extensive technological know how, who could develop a new and improved app that could cater to millions of passengers, their needs, and their travel patterns. With enhanced technologies and an agile development process, Monstarlab developed an app that makes it possible for passengers to view all available ticket options, purchase tickets with facial recognition and fingerprints, and it provides a unique map visualisation to make it a lot easier to buy the correct tickets. It even works without any data connection.
30 seconds or less ticket purchasing speed for 50% of all orders.
80K monthly active users.

42% retention rate after 5 weeks.

41% of all users purchase tickets through the new map visualisation.