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October 03, 2022

Our thoughts from HETT 2022.

In September 2022, Monstarlab joined 4,500+ other digital health professionals and practitioners at Healthcare Excellence Through Technology (HETT) to consider how cutting edge technology can be used to ultimately deliver better patient experience and operational efficiencies across healthcare. Alongside hosting practitioners across the health disciplines on our stand across the two days, and demoing the possibilities for using HoloLens technology in healthcare education, the team had lots of opportunities to network and join the audience to listen to expert speakers. 

What was inspiring was the shared vision in the room from healthcare professionals and technologists about the opportunity we have with digital technology to reshape the healthcare industry and improve it for patients and practitioners alike. 

For the patients, technology, used in the right way can offer a more personalised, efficient and convenient experience was a recurring topic of conversation. And for the practitioners, the theme of automation to streamline processes and access information quickly to enable them to spend more time with patients was discussed by many panelists and delegates. 

Monstarlab at HETT 2022

Our Key Takeaways

Sukhmeet Panesar, Chief Health Officer

  • The NHS is going through one of its most challenging periods. The problem is exacerbated by the pandemic which we are coming out of but the revelation that cost constraints make delivery of a high quality service hard. Data and tech can help create a solution to this challenge but only when the patient / citizen / staff are put at the centre
  • There is lots of technology out there but there needs to be an effective quilt-making service (ability to knit various solutions together and knit them effectively together) established – There is much to offer in the digital canvas space which Monstarlab can support the navigation of. 
  • The NHS is not short on innovation and pilots but scalability is an issue. We need to work with innovators to bring design and scale thinking to these ventures to help them add greater value to the NHS ecosystem.
  • Partnership working is key to delivering services and products to the NHS and their partners within the ecosystem to enable amazing things to happen.
  • Some of the decisions that need to be made by the NHS need an equal measure of courage and conviction. There are lots of learnings that can be taken from across the globe and indeed other sectors.

Gary McClen, Engagement Manager

  • HETT was an inspiring event with lots of passionate people who work with a real vocation and commitment to make things better for patients. We heard from delegates about pilots and projects being run at both the micro and macro level. There are ambitious innovations being developed by clinicians within their own departments as well as the much larger scale programmes being worked on by some of the big technology providers and consultancies. The threading together of all of this activity and the nurturing and sharing of technology across the NHS was something a lot of people were finding a challenge, but essential for success.
  • Those working in the NHS are facing unprecedented challenges with backlogs and waiting times so solutions like Virtual Wards and remote monitoring were a big theme over the two days. These represent some of the promising and tricky things that many of the people we spoke to were trying to make happen.
  • Emerging tech like AR/VR/XR continues to generate a lot of interest for use in education, simulation and clinical settings. By showcasing how HoloLens technology can be used we sparked lots of great conversations and impromptu ideation sessions at our stand about how this technology can be put to use to add real value to the student, patient and clinician experience.

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Sukhmeet Panesar, Chief Health Officer, 

Gary McClen, Engagement Manager,

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