Improving Sales and Distribution Through eLearning

Tempur Sealy International Inc. transformed their business processes through user-centric thinking.
As a luxury brand, Tempur was challenged by third-party retailers not delivering the same level of service and expertise as their product and brand promised. With high costs related to training sessions and a more mobile sales team, they were looking for a smarter solution. They also had an objective of becoming the world’s favourite mattress and pillow brand.

Through motivating eLearning that leverages gamification dynamics on a device staff were familiar with, Tempur was able to educate retailers in a creative and engaging way. The app has increased top-of-class mentality amongst sales personnel, as well as securing a higher level of service. It has also provided country managers with valuable statistics and knowledge of their sales team.
13 Minutes Average Usage Time.

Motivating Retail Staff to Become Brand Advocates.

Tempur products are being sold by third-party retailers globally. It is therefore imperative for the sales that retail staff are well-educated and well-versed around the products. It is often in the physical stores that buying decisions are being made – in fact, 70% of all customers end up purchasing the first recommendation made by retail personnel. Tempur wanted to create a digital solution to accommodate that. The objectives were to update the retail staff, engage them, enhance their skills, stay top of mind and focus on Tempur and could reach globally and easily work for different cultures and languages but with a small budget and quick turnaround.
93% Return Use.

60.000 Screen Views per Month

About Tempur

Tempur Sealy is the world’s largest bedding provider. They develop, manufacture, and market mattresses, foundations, pillows and other products. Their materials are being used by NASA’s spaceships. The products are high-end and have visibility across four continents. Produced in Denmark and the USA among other places, the Company’s products are sold worldwide through its own stores, online and third party retailers alongside other competitors. The Company’s brand portfolio includes many highly recognised brands in the industry. The total net sales in FY2018 amounted to $2.702,9 million, and they had 6200 employees across its markets in 2018. This case focuses solely on Tempur.

The Partnership.

Taking Part in Tempur’s Digital Transformation, Optimising Sales and Marketing Processes

Through the project, Tempur was made aware that a digital transformation was needed for the entire organisation, and Monstarlab has been a big part of that process via optimising their internal and external processes. The app has resulted in an optimisation of their communication and sales and marketing processes:

Raising awareness and the level of knowledge
Improving communication and providing user data
Training and onboarding provided by Monstarlab


  • Swift
  • Java
  • PHP


  • Alamofire
  • Blobfish
  • Codemine
  • Kingfisher
  • SnapKit
  • GSON
  • Butterknife
  • Glide
  • JUnit
  • Laravel
  • Guzzle
  • Linux
  • NGinx
  • MySQL
  • Redis
  • Beanstalkd
  • S3


  • Urban Airship
  • Google Analytics
  • Bugsnag
  • NStack

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