CEO Message

Our Commitment to Change the World with Technology

CEO Message

国境を超えて「機会」を提供し、 多様性が生み出す力でイノベーションを創造する



I am Hiroki Inagawa, Chairman of the board and CEO of the Monstarlab Group.

Since founding the company in 2006, our mission, “Empower talent everywhere to engineer awesome products, services and ecosystems; building a brighter world for us all” has been central to our hearts. And as of Oct 2021, we have grown to include 28 offices in 17 countries and 1,200+ people around the world.

Now that digitalisation has become essential to every company and industry in the world, our approach to it also changed. Digitalisation, till recently, was considered a support function of existing businesses or one of the service lineups. Instead, we now focus on how we fully leverage the benefits of digitalisation to reimagine the existing businesses. Along the lines, we start facing new challenges – how to train and retain digital savvy people and transform the organisation to keep up with the digital advancement.

With cutting-edge technology and the service design developed from a user perspective, Monstarlab aims to become an experience transformation partner to achieve clients’ successful digital transformation and support multiple business stages from strategy development to implementation and business growth. Through the welcoming of new digital consulting companies to our group and the markets in EMEA and North America that have opened, we are on the right track to realise our vision.

In 2021, we took a momentous leap forward as we integrated our brands and created the holding structure which enables us to operate in unity and transparency and to stay on the growth trajectory.

We continue to change the world with technology.

October 2021

Hiroki Inagawa

Group CEO / Representative Director, Monstarlab Holdings Inc.

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