Making your data do more for your business.

Our Data Team will help you access, understand and make smarter use of your data, so you can reach key business goals more swiftly and efficiently.

Our Data Team can help you with:

Data Maturity Assessment

Using our data-driven framework, we’ll help you establish baselines, set expectations, and start a process of continuous business improvement around Tooling, Purpose, Methods and People.

Data Strategy

Creating an actionable playbook for how data can enable core business values, accelerate the achievement of your key business goals, and increase ROI on your data-driven projects.

Data Engineering

Extracting, transforming and loading (ETL) is the name of the game in data engineering. Our experts keep those tensors flowing so your data is always accessible, scalable and of high quality.

Data Visualisation

Building powerful, visually appealing custom dashboards (using tools such as PowerBI and Tableau) that enable you to easily extract insights and make data-driven decisions in all areas of your business.

Data Science

Using advanced tools like predictive modelling and machine learning, we guide you swiftly from POC to scalable production, so you can use data predictively to solve problems and unlock value.

Talk to our Data Expert

Alex Milodowski

Data Strategy and People Analytics Leader

We see data as an opportunity – not just to defend and optimise current business models, but to also enable new ones to succeed and advance innovation. Our Data practice brings together experts with different perspectives and a human-centric approach – aimed at designing products and solutions that meet the needs of your users, unlocking new avenues of value, and taking your business to the next level.

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Our Beliefs

As a team, we are united by a set of beliefs that guide the way we work with each other and partner with our clients.

Believe it, build it

As a team, we believe the most valuable assets on earth today are data sets and we love harnessing data to create value for our clients. In the short term, this means helping everyone align behind a single vision; in the long term, it means building strong foundations and delivering exponential commercial returns.

Always integrate

The majority of large AI and machine learning projects fail to deliver a return because they don’t integrate effectively with the wider business. Our data projects are always guided by a clear data strategy that aligns with core business values and goals, and we never start developing until this is in place.

Play to your strengths

Our diverse team loves working together and playing to their strengths. Our strategists enjoy mapping future opportunities, our scientists and analysts love using clear methodologies to resolve uncertainty, whereas our engineers get excited by building efficient, scalable solutions. The result is a smooth end-to-end service that delivers truly valuable outcomes for our clients.

Start small, think big

We believe the path to data success starts with building scalable solutions to easy-to-solve problems. This approach minimises risks, releases value early and helps the team to unify around a tangible result. From here, bigger problems can be tackled and taller towers built – all based on a set of strong foundations.

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