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Our Strategy Team is committed to supporting you in exploring and understanding a world undergoing profound transformations, so you can react at speed with new operating models, while making smarter use of technology.

Our Strategy Team can help you with:

Transformation & execution

Navigating complex business transformation processes to emphasise value creation.

Strategy & Growth

Providing support with strategic decision-making in organisations.

People & Organisations

Driving productivity and value-creation within organisations and effectively managing their workforce.

Clients & Marketing

Delivering the highest value possible to clients by means of technology.

Risk & Regulatory

Mitigating business risks and enhancing opportunities to manage and optimise risks.

Innovation & Sustainability

Identifying new opportunities and markets ensuring sustainable business models.

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Paul Klinkhamer

Strategy Lead of International Markets

In Strategy, we assembled a world-class team that continues to grow and brings a diverse set of experiences and viewpoints. We customise our solutions to our clients, because we know that each organisation is different and requires a tailored approach. Therefore, we carefully assemble teams for our clients that are borderless and can incorporate our experts from experience, technology and data as well.

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Our Beliefs

As a team, we are united by a set of beliefs that guide the way we work with each other and partner with our clients.

Customised solutions

As a team, we’ve had senior experience across industry and major international consultancies, and we know the conventional consultancy approach is no longer fit for purpose. That’s why we treat every client project as an individual case, taking the time to ask ‘why?’ and creating original solutions every time.

We dare to disrupt

Our capabilities as a global transformation partner enable us to perfectly balance ambition with pragmatism. Thanks to our team of global colleagues, we combine local insights with a deep understanding of the world’s most disruptive business models to help our clients stay relevant in an unpredictable, fast-changing world.

Obsessed with value

From a reduction in operating costs to a tangible shift in brand perception, we work hard upfront to clearly define the short and long-term value our clients expect. This keeps us focused on outcomes over inputs and ensures that the change we deliver creates tangible and sustainable commercial value.

Do the right thing, quickly

We embrace ‘action research’ and ‘learning by doing’ over lengthy written reports, and our rapid delivery capabilities mean that – once a concept resonates – you can execute change and test new solutions in the market within weeks. This reduces risks and accelerates the creation of value.

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