Keeping you close to the people that matter.

Our Experience Team will help you reconnect with your customers by understanding their challenges and desires, allowing for the creation of products and services that exceed their expectations.

Our Experience Team can help you with:

Service design & opportunity mapping

Working with you to understand the set of touchpoints that define your business’s relationship with your customers, explore challenges and opportunities, and capture insights through user research to develop new value propositions that meet the real needs of your users and drive engagement, loyalty and revenue.

Product management & continuous discovery

Guiding your team on a process to continuously discover and define customer needs, assess and validate business viability, tech feasibility, and customer desirability, and facilitate prioritisation of these needs, opportunities and features within a roadmap accordingly.

Experience and product strategy

Creating clear and actionable roadmaps based on the needs of your customers and your business goals and creating clear KPI’s enabling you to make smart decisions that drive measurable value. Collaborating with you to develop and validate an experience and product strategy that advances your business objectives, while helping you to facilitate prioritisation of product principles, initiatives and/or features and clearly articulate how the product creates value for end users.

Design system improvement

Working with you to improve the structure, workflow and productivity of your design team, so that you have a scaleable, consistent and easy-to-maintain design function in-house.

UX, UI and product design

Thoughtfully translating your ideas into beautiful interactions and experiences that people enjoy and want more of.

Prototyping, user testing and concept testing

Reducing risk and accelerating time to market through the rapid development, testing and validation of new concepts.


Build and deploy component libraries to bring standardisation and reusability across multiple platforms and technologies.

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Calvin Hart

Experience Lead of International Markets

In Monstarlab, we believe in creating truly human-centric solutions for our clients and their millions of end-users. Our experience team consists of a wide range of specialists, including researchers, content designers, UX designers, service designers, and experience strategist and by applying all of our capabilities to your situation, we create products and services with lasting positive change.

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Our Beliefs

As a team, we are united by a set of beliefs that guide the way we work with each other and partner with our clients.

Stay relevant

It’s important to us that your business and products make a positive impact on the real needs of your users – so you can stay relevant and, ultimately, profitable. This means keeping user needs at the forefront of strategy and design, so we’re always working on the right thing, for the right reasons.

Honesty is everything

Sometimes our research uncovers issues and insights that are uncomfortable or don’t fit with accepted truths. This can lead to some tricky conversations, but it’s also where the real breakthroughs come – in the quality of our client relationships and the impact of our outcomes. We’ll always be honest; you just might not always like it!

We love a workshop

You can’t design meaningful human experiences without collaboration. Through workshops, we bond with our clients and colleagues as a unified project team, we share knowledge, experience and ideas, and we develop paths forward that mean every project has a life beyond written documentation.

Know what’s next

Experience transformation is a process that works through many stages. Whether we’re researching, mapping, blueprinting or designing prototypes, we will always consider what comes next, and we’ll always present information in a way that is clear and actionable for whoever needs to take it forward. No throwing grenades over fences!

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Explore and verify what kinds of organisational change could deliver value most quickly.


Use modern technology to compete, evolve and stay relevant in our fast-changing world.


Harness your data to make better decisions, unlock value and deliver better experiences.