The Future of Banking, Financial Services, and Insurance

The banking, financial services & insurance industries have been shaken by the pandemic accelerated digital customer shift. The influx of neobanks and digital insurers have only made the landscape even more competitive, leaving the more traditional institutions playing catch-up and looking for solutions to quickly close the gap.

Drawing on years of experience from the financial sector, our pool of experts will share how you can leverage inherent strengths, maximize potential, and effectively digitize to set you up for enduring success.

Creating Digital Customers through Customer Centricity

We help you turn concepts into reliable and robust digital solutions and tangible strategy, with stunning design and an amazing user experience, taking every measure to tailor it to the BFSI sector’s characteristics.

Why is product management crucial for the financial sector?

Digital is absolutely business critical for every industry today, and product management is at the centre of that. Discover why it is important for any company within the financial sector to do product management correctly, and how to get started with it.

How is machine learning changing the financial sector?

There has been an increasing interest in machine learning these past few years in the financial sector. Learn more about how it is changing the sector.

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Operational Solutions & Efficiencies
Masahiro Hiraishi
Masa empowers small and medium enterprises by providing technology and tools, including RPA (Robotic Process Automation), to give them a competitive edge against much larger industry players. By establishing Monstarlab Omnibus and launching RAX editor with Monstarlab Philippines, businesses get access to world-class automation tools and transformative technology.
Accelerating Digitization in BFSI
Glenn Mindegaard Post
Glenn has a solid economic & financial theoretical foundation strengthened with over a decade of experience working with Denmark and the Nordic Market’s largest banks and financial institutions. He has a deep understanding of the business challenges, needs, and goals and the acumen to translate those into future-proof digital solutions.
Building Internal Digital Excellence
Jackie Du Plooy
20+ years experience in digital transformation, strategy & innovation and commercial management across industries, including BFSI, in several countries in the role of Client Partner. Focus has been on building high performing teams and sound strategic partnerships by bringing together delivery and commercial teams to drive the customer strategy and journeys of digital transformation.

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