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Monstarlab Forms A Capital And Business Alliance With INTLOOP

Jun 15, 2021


Monstarlab, which leverages its talent across 16 countries and 25 cities worldwide, announced that it has formed a business alliance with  INTLOOP Inc. – a Japanese consulting and corporate digital transformation support company, with the aim of improving upstream services in the digital transformation domain, and that INTLOOP will take a stake in Monstarlab.

Monstarlab forms a capital and business alliance with INTLOOP

Background and purpose of this business alliance with INTLOOP

The rapid spread of new ways of working such as teleworking due to the spread of Covid-19, and environmental changes such as the shift of business opportunities from offline to online, has led to an ever-increasing promotion of digital transformation by companies, including the development of corresponding systems.

Through this alliance, INTLOOP’s experience and knowledge in business and marketing consulting services and Monstarlab’s capability in new business and service planning, design, and development in its digital transformation support services will be strengthened to support digital transformation promotion in a wider range of industries and deeper domains.

In the mid-to-long term, we are also considering the establishment of a collaborative sales system that leverages our respective global networks and knowledge of overseas business development and expansion support.

INTLOOP CEO Hirofumi Hayashi:

“Today’s digital transformation needs are diversifying, and there is a need for consulting services that leverage the strengths of each company. In this capital and business alliance, we believe that by combining the strengths of the two companies, we will be able to propose more optimal digital transformation solutions for companies, as we have experience on mission-critical systems and Monstarlab has experience on front-line systems. In addition, we are confident that by combining our ability to attract digital transformation freelance talent through our web marketing and Monstarlab’s global network, we will be able to provide a consistent service that is second to none for global firms”.

Monstarlab CEO Hiroki Inagawa:

“I am pleased to announce our capital and business alliance with INTLOOP, one of Japan’s largest professional human resource networks. I believe that combining INTLOOP’s domestic freelance talent (especially upstream consultants) with our global talent will strengthen our ability to provide scalable and high-quality end-to-end digital transformation services”.


INTLOOP’s mission is to provide solutions to corporate management issues. The company’s two pillars are consulting services, which employ approximately 70 experienced consultants from domestic and foreign firms, and human resource solutions, which support more than 23,000 consultants, engineers, and other professionals. INTLOOP’s main business is the consulting business. In addition, the company has a digital transformation business that provides marketing know-how cultivated through our professional human resources support business, and a technology solutions business that provides development support centred on cutting-edge technologies. INTLOOP has supported more than 400 companies, including major listed companies and venture companies.

– To strengthen upstream services in the digital transformation domain – 

Tokyo, Japan – June 15, 2021

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