Supporting Ukraine’s sovereignty through action

Mar 02, 2022


Monstars, clients, partners, and global communities.

Needless to say we at Monstarlab support Ukraine’s defence of their sovereignty just as the collaborative effort of one people inspires us, it inspires the world.

As a borderless company with people of more than 55 nationalities who work hard to engineer positive impacts on our global communities every day, it is our responsibility to continuously identify ways in which we can support Ukraine, using humanitarian, non-military aid.

  • Last week we initiated our first step when we evacuated our people as far from the conflict as possible. We have since then been able to move a number of them out of Ukraine,
  • We are helping another company in Ukraine with the documentation for evacuating their employees,
  • Our offices in surrounding countries are open for refugees who need a safe working space,
  • Personally affected employees are provided the assistance they need,
  • Our people in surrounding countries are also supporting through providing goods at the border and we will support all our colleagues who are in locations where this is possible.

We will continue to identify ways in which we as a company can support and defend human rights and the safety of people, globally.

Hiroki Inagawa, Global CEO

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