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January 06, 2021

Designing for Hospitality: 7 Tips for Creating Digital and Physical Experiences That Make Us Feel Welcome

By Monstarlab   Hospitality is a powerful notion that is at the center of creating delightful user experiences. As a designer who’s worked with clients across a range of industries, I know firsthand the value hospit...

Experience Design

January 06, 2021

How To Be a Great Product Manager: Enterprise vs. Startup

By Luke Gallimore, Head of Product Management, Monstarlab EMEA   The role of the product manager is defined in various ways across industries. But there are common threads which run through all good product managers...

Product Management

January 06, 2021

How to Define a Product Strategy: The Value-Based Approach

By Luke Gallimore, Head of Product Management, Monstarlab EMEA   In my article on why Product Management is so misunderstood, I described how the discipline is structured around two core tenets: Define a clear,...

Product Strategy

January 06, 2021

The Future of IoT: Security and Privacy Focused

IoT is starting to show up more and more these days. It is taking over most mundane tasks in people’s homes. This makes it more important than ever to make sure to think the ethics into modern IoT solutions. Mozilla has ...

Security and Privacy

January 27, 2020

Four Technology Trends that will Shape the Financial Sector in 2020

By Annette Truong Poulsen, Senior Marketing Manager, Monstarlab How to stay relevant in the debanked consumers’ minds There is no doubt that the development of technology is moving at a rapid pace no matter which ind...

Customer Experience

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