Smart Real Estate: The role of digital in creating great places

July 06, 2023

The way we interact with and experience buildings is evolving with the new reality of a larger remote workforce and the convenience of online shopping. The challenge before real estate owners and developers has become: How can they attract people back into physical spaces?

While much of this recent decline in footfall and engagement could be attributed to pandemic lockdown measures changing our way of thinking, this shift has been gradually happening for years. Digital solutions provide users with convenience and exciting new experiences such as AR or VR.

Our latest whitepaper explores how spaces can embrace the power of digital to attract and retain users:

  • Good experience is good business

Providing a tailored experience on-site is crucial to attracting users. Real Estate owners should aim to provide services that are personalized, provide convenience and focus on speed.

  • Leveraging digital to drive value from physical assets

Understanding how a space is used and by who will build the foundation for digital innovation. Using technologies such as digital twins can help to garner actionable insights that can be implemented for impactful change.

  • Sustainability is no longer an afterthought

While it is a moral responsibility to consider sustainability, it will likely become a legal and financial imperative in the future. It doesn’t have to be an expensive endeavor however, a clever use of technology can help kickstart your ESG journey.

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