Monstarlab forms a business alliance with xID

Jul 09, 2021


– Promoting co-creation of trust services using the My Number Card
in a digital society – 


Tokyo, Japan – July 9, 2021 — Monstarlab, which leverages its talent across 16 countries and 25 cities worldwide, announced that it has signed a business alliance agreement on July 9 with xID Inc. (hereinafter “xID”) which develops and operates a digital ID, “xID,” focused on the My Number Card, with the aim to realize trust services utilizing the My Number Card in the digital society.

Background and purpose of this business alliance
Currently, as the digitalization of society as a whole progresses towards Society 5.0 (super-smart Society), trust services, which is the mechanism to prevent identity theft and data falsification, is increasingly important to ensure reliable data and data distribution infrastructure. Digital IDs play a major role in realising this trust service. In recent years, the spread of the “My Number Card”, the highest level of identification in the digital society in Japan, has been increasing, and it is expected to be used in a variety of public and civilian services within a few years. By using the “My Number Card”, a digital ID with guaranteed uniqueness, to link various services with public personal authentication, we can build a system that guarantees data reliability (“trust”) and privacy, and provide safe and convenient services to our customers.

Despite the substantial need, there are still very few examples of private sector services using the My Number card in Japan, just as there is a lack of people who can support the introduction of the card.

This business alliance enables Monstar Lab to build a service spanning from consultation, service implementation, to operation and aim to realize the trust service in the digital society by using the My Number Card. The service Monstar Lab offers is based on the My Number Card-linked xID application that has functions such as the identity verification, digital signature, and password-free log-in and the easy-to-implement developer API.

The capability to build services using reliable authentication methods while ensuring convenience, will broaden the range of proposals for clients and improve the value of services from the user’s perspective.


Future prospects

In the future, as digital society expands, more information will be exchanged through services than ever, raising the need for reliability and trust. In a digital society with such a high cost of credit, our concept is to co-create a foundation where users themselves can enjoy greater benefits and useful information by seamlessly ensuring the rights and privacy of those users that are on the other side of the services we provide. To materialize our concept, we are also collaborating with our clients and promoting initiatives to provide various solutions.


Monstarlab CEO Hiroshi Osada;

It is expected that personal identification services will take form in a more universal, perpetual, and digital manner. I firmly believe that our value proposition will take it to the next level by serving our clients and end-users. Looking ahead to the future together with xID, I’m excited to accelerate the digital transformation of corporates in many different industries and take up the challenges.


xID CEO Hikaru Kusaka;

As each and every industry is pursuing digitization, we need to make the best use of trusted data. My Number Card and digital identifications which guarantee trust from users, are paramount to the digital society now and in the future. Yet, there aren’t many services that are benefitted from My Number Card or digital identifications and available to everyone on a daily basis. Through the alliance with Monstarlab, an experience transformation partner to corporations in diversified industries, I’m excited about the opportunity to provide day-to-day services with the safety benefits of the My Number Card and digital identifications, to Japan. 


About xID

xID is a GovTech company that creates next generation business models collaboratively with partners. With xID, a digital ID solution benefitting My Number Card, being the signature solution, xID aims to create a society with a low cost of credit. As a neutral third digital ID solution provider, xID is devoted to avail trusted data and bridge the gap between the government and the private sectors including corporates. By doing so, xID aims to realize Society 5.0, a human-centered society that equally accelerates economic growth and resolves social obstacles. 
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