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As the health and life science industries and their end users evolve rapidly, technology stands at the forefront of empowering businesses to match pace and deliver better business outcomes.

Discover how we're supporting companies across the vertical achieve their goals and unlock breakthroughs with the power and precision of the right technologies and the insight and expertise of many years of combined experience.

Keeping companies in step with the times through innovation

We help you turn your data and business needs into a future-proof strategy and innovative digital solutions with intelligent design and unrivaled user experience that uphold industry standards at the speed you need.

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Delivery Director for Life Science
Youjie Zhang
Youjie is a Delivery Director for Life Science at Monstarlab. He oversees Monstarlab's pre-sales, digital project/product delivery for Life Science clients, covering the value chain including R&D, Clinical Trials, Manufacturing, Commercial, Marketing, and Digital Health, with focus on UX, Data, and Digital Transformation.
Head of Machine Learning
Tobias Morville
Tobias is the Head of Machine Learning at Monstarlab. He has a PhD in Computational Neuroscience and has worked with designing, developing and deploying machine learning models in both Danish and international companies for the last four years.
Technical Director
Morten Faarkrog
Morten is a Technical Director and Solution Architect at Monstarlab. He oversees Life Science projects within Monstarlab from a technical perspective, covering areas such as software architecture, infrastructure, development, quality assurance, and more.

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