Privacy Policy

Initially starting out as a music streaming service, we, Monstarlab, have broadened our business horizons to include other services such as web strategy solutions. With this, our company strives to transform the IT world. As such, we are committed to keeping any personal information obtained through this process fully protected, as we recognize the social responsibilities of keeping in mind the interests and rights of individuals. Thus, we fully comply with laws and regulations concerning personal privacy.

In a fast-paced society, we keep up with social, business and economic trends that affect cyber security. We strive to accommodate accordingly though our management system, which is designed to continuously protect personal information in order to fulfill our duties as specified below.

  1. Our business includes music streaming and digital development services. We ensure that any personal information gathered by candidates during the hiring process will be used and handled for this sole purpose, and will not be used in any inappropriate manner.
    Monstarlab abides by all laws required by the government, as well as extraneous bylaws or codes in relation to the handling of private information.
  2. Monstarlab abides by all laws required by the government, as well as extraneous bylaws or codes in relation to the handling of private information.
  3. We are constantly deploying and updating our technical and organizational security measures to protect against loss, misuse or alteration of any personal information that we have. In order to do so, we have made extensive investments in addition to rectifying internal regulations with your personal information’s best interest in mind.
  4. We actively tend and respond to with utmost sincerity to any complaints or concerns about the handling of personal information. We also place high value on legal compliance here at Monstarlab.
  5. We are continuously updating our privacy policy and management systems with regard to ever changing environments in order to keep your information safe.
  6. A copy of this policy is distributed to all of our employees here at Monstarlab, and any subsidiary companies. This privacy policy is public, shown on our homepage and is accessible to anyone.

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