Co-Management of Community Business in Bangkok Plans to Encourage Community-Building in “Monstar Hub”

Aug 23, 2018


Tokyo, Japan – August 23, 2018 – Monstar Lab, Inc. (hereafter “ML”) has announced that it has formed a partnership with Team Ohayo Co., Ltd. (hereafter “Team Ohayo”), investing company of Gaiax Co., Ltd. (hereafter “Gaiax”), in order to co-manage its community business “Monstar Hub Bangkok,” a co-working space in Bangkok, Thailand.

Rapid Development of Co-Working Spaces in Bangkok, But Differentiation Lacking

ML established the first installment of its co-working space “Monstar Hub” in Bangkok, Thailand in June 2018. In recent years, Bangkok has seen the development of many co-working spaces, due to the fact that the city’s standard of living attracts many foreign entrepreneurs and engineers, and the fact that gaining entrance to a co-working space is seen as a sort of status symbol in the area. The reality is, however, that there is not yet much to distinguish these co-working spaces from each other.

ML will work to turn “Monstar Hub” into one of Bangkok’s leading co-working spaces by establishing “Kind Cafe” with Team Ohayo, operator of “Kind Kitchen,” where people can learn about and practice the culture of kindness in Thailand. Through this, ML plans to encourage communication within the co-working space, and develop a better community.

Kind Cafe: Building Communities with Kindness

Kind Cafe is a community space that shares in the mission of Team Ohayo and Kind Kitchen—to create opportunities for people to be happy through acts of kindness to others. By encouraging residents of the co-working space to help one another, Kind Cafe is expected to engender a sense of compassion that goes beyond the residents and their own teams and companies. This will help build a sense of solidarity and community within the various residents and resident companies of Monstar Hub.
The following are Kind CaféKind Cafe’s measures; they will be updated periodically over time.

Kind Time: Once a week, for a set period of time, Kind Cafe will offer its drinks at half price. Kind Time is expected to encourage communication and interaction between residents.

Kind Board: Residents will post their requests for support on the Kind Board. If a meeting is set up with another resident that would like to help out with the request, Kind Cafe will provide the seating and drinks for the meeting for free, in order to encourage kindness amongst the residents.

Team Ohayo’s Kind Kitchen

“Kind Kitchen,” where people can learn about and practice the culture of kindness in Thailand, was established by Team Ohayo as part of their mission to create opportunities for people to be happy through acts of kindness to others. Kind Kitchen has also started a bento-making class where people can learn, think about, and practice acts of kindness to others. With Bangkok as their base, their aim is to branch out into ten cities throughout the world by 2021.
Recent studies have shown that acts of kindness are contagious—that they are passed on from person to person. Give someone a gift, and that gift will warm their heart, and drive them to be kinder to others as well. It is the hope of Team Ohayo that Kind Kitchen act as a sort of base for kindness, helping spread kindness throughout the world.

About Monstar Lab (Thailand) Co., Ltd., Operator of Co-Working Space “Monstar Hub Bangkok”

Date Established: June 2018
Bangkok Office Representative: Takeshi Heta
Address of Headquarters: 18 Ratchadapisek Road, Klongtoey Sub-District, Klongtoey District, Bangkok 10110, Thailand
Business Areas: Digital product development, co-working offices, support for expansion into Thailand

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