Announcement Regarding the Appointment of Directors, Auditors, and Adviser

Mar 31, 2020


The appointment of directors, auditors, and advisers was decided at the general meeting of shareholders of Monstar Lab, Inc. (hereinafter, “the Company”) held on March 30, 2020 and the board of directors meeting of the Company held on March 23, 2020. Details of the appointment are as follows.


■Auditor (newly appointed)

Name: Akenobu Hayakawa

New Position: External Auditor


Profile of Akenobu Hayakawa

Akenobu entered Nakajima Transactional Law Office in 2005 and became a partner in 2010. In 2015, he established Hayakawa Business Law Office. In the same year, Akenobu became a part-time instructor at Fukushima University (instructor at Fukushima Entrepreneurship School ). In 2016, he became a mentor in the BusiNest Accelerator Course operated by the Organization for Small & Medium Enterprises and Regional Innovation, Japan. Akenobu was appointed as a mentor at the Kyushu University Entrepreneurs Club Program in 2017, and was appointed as an auditor at HENNGE K.K. in 2019. Akenobu joined Monstar Lab as an auditor in 2020. His main activities include consulting on corporate governance and risk management at listed corporations, and support for growth strategy at venture corporations.


■Adviser (newly appointed)

Name: Shogo Kawano

New Position: Adviser


Profile of Shogo Kawano

Shogo graduated from the Faculty of Science and Technology, Keio University. Upon graduation, he promptly joined Nissho Iwai Corporation (current Sojitz) and engaged in the satellite broadcasting business. After establishing several subsidiaries and being stationed for work at a strategic subsidiary, he went independent in 2006, establishing Best Create Co., Ltd. as representative director. Best Create successfully partnered with over 9,600 stores selling mobile phones as a pioneer in store-type affiliates. The company was later bought out via merger in 2011. From 2012, Shogo joined the listed corporation Axelmark Co., Ltd., assuming the position of executive advertising director. In December 2018, he retired from his position as director at Axelmark. Shogo joined Monstar Lab in April 2019 as a director. On March 30, 2020, he retired from his position as director in order to join geechs inc. from April, and was appointed as an adviser at Monstar Lab, Inc.

■Directors and Auditors from April 2020 (in alphabetical order by last name)

Directors Chairman of the Board / Group CEO Hiroki Inagawa
Vice President Fumiaki Goto
Board Member Masahiko Matsunaga
External Board Member Toshihito Nagai
External Board Member Toshitada Nagumo
External Board Member Yasuhiro Mimura
Auditors Auditor Hitoshi Takabatake
External Auditor Akinobu Hayakawa  (newly appointed)

*As of March 30, 2020, Shogo Kawano and Roger Lakhani retired from their positions as directors, and Shigeru Odaka retired from his position as an auditor. Roger Lakhani will be responsible for FP&A (Finance Planning & Analysis) from April.


■Advisers from April 2020 (in alphabetical order by last name)

Advisers Nobuhiro Asada
Shogo Kawano (newly appointed)


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