Announcement of Monstarlab Holdings’s Board of Directors, Auditors and Executive Structure

Jun 30, 2021


With the transition to a holding company on 1 July 2021, the directors, auditors, and executive structure of Monstarlab Holdings Inc. will be as follows.

■Directors and Auditors from July 2021 (in alphabetical order by last name)

Directors Chairman of the Board Hiroki Inagawa
Board Member Fumiaki Goto
Board Member Masahiko Matsunaga
Board Member Yoshihiro Nakahara
External Board Member Daisuke Kaihoku
External Board Member Yasuhiro Mimura
External Board Member Toshihito Nagai
External Board Member Toshitada Nagumo
Auditors Auditor Hitoshi Takabatake
External Auditor Akenobu Hayakawa


 ■Executive Structure from July 2021

C Suite, SVP CEO Hiroki Inagawa
CFO (Finance) Yoshihiro Nakahara
COO (Operation) Mark Jones
CPO (People & Culture) Sharon Kelly
SVP (Marketing) Malthe Kringelbach Iversen
SVP (People & Culture) Mariko Shiozawa
SVP (CEO Office) Naoki Tamura
SVP (Information EMEA/Americas) Dominik Hadl
SVP (SC&E** EMEA/Americas) Niels Truong
SVP (Operation Delivery) Sunny Vashishtha
SVP (Operation and Finance) Kasper Heumann Kristensen
SVP* (Technology EMEA) Steffen Sommer
SVP* (Information & SC&E** APAC) Tomoyuki Uno
SVP* (Operation APAC Technology) Daisuke Hirata
SVP* (Operation Americas Technology) Juan Pedro Pereyra


*Mainly local role

**Strategy Consulting & Experience

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