Monstar Lab Establishes Four New European Offices

Feb 01, 2018


Tokyo, Japan – February 1, 2018 – Monstar Lab, Inc., a Japanese global sourcing firm that engages in digital product planning, development, and operations, with engineers and creators located throughout the world, is establishing four new bases in Europe. The new offices opening in Manchester (U.K.), Amsterdam (Netherlands), Prague (Czech Republic), and Berlin (Germany) will operate under the Nodes brand. Nodes was acquired as a subsidiary by Monstar Lab in 2017.

Establishing these new offices enables even stronger global sourcing ecosystems by attracting more clients, engineers, and creators in Europe. With offices now in 21 cities and in 12 different countries, and market presence in the three largest economic zones of the world—Europe, Asia, and North America—Monstar Lab will continue to expand its business to become the number one company in the world (in sales, locations, and brand awareness) for digital product development.

Monstar Lab’s Global Strategy

Monstar Lab has acquired and orchestrated the post-merger integration of Nodes with the intention of making it the number one digital product development company in Europe. With the opening of these new offices, Monstar Lab plans to acquire clients in an even greater number of markets, and expand its market share in Europe.

Monstar Lab Offices (Country, Year of Establishment)
1. Tokyo (Japan, 2006)
2. Chengdu (China, 2011)
3. Singapore (Singapore, 2014)
4. Shimane (Japan, 2014)
5. Qingdao (China, 2014)
6. Da Nang (Vietnam, 2015)
7. Shanghai (China, 2015)
8. Dhaka (Bangladesh, 2015)
9. Osaka (Japan, 2016)
10. Hanoi (Vietnam, 2016)
11. Manila (Philippines, 2016)
12. Cebu (Philippines, 2017)
13. Beijing (China, 2017)
14. Copenhagen (Denmark, 2017)
15. Aarhus (Denmark, 2017)
16. London (U.K., 2017)
17. Manchester (U.K., 2018)
18. Amsterdam (Netherlands, 2018)
19. Prague (Czech Republic, 2018): Scheduled for February
20. Bangkok (Thailand, 2018): Scheduled for March
21. Berlin (Germany, 2018): Scheduled for April

About Nodes Group ApS
Nodes is a digital product development firm with both the ability to create high level user experience (UX), and the tech skills needed for development on complex systems. Since its establishment in 2008, Nodes has had its headquarters in Copenhagen, the capital of Denmark, and now owns six bases in Europe with 80 passionate developers, designers, and mobile consultants.
In 2017, Nodes was also named one of the top 12 mobile agencies in Europe.

Head office: Copenhagen
Address: Artillerivej 86, 2300 Copenhagen S, Denmark
Established: 2008
Managing Partners: Co-founders Andreas Rasmussen and Daniel Baek

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