Private Client

Leveraging technology to upgrade dental care routines

Through our partnership with one of the leading global brands for oral care, we discover how adaptive technologies can make all the difference to efficiency, innovation, data generation and moreover, improving the daily life of millions of people across the globe.
Monstarlab is on a mission to support the highly advanced Research & Development Team of our Fortune 500 client, to further develop their app-connected toothbrushes that make dental care routines easier to establish and to follow. Empowering our client’s tech-innovation teams to create tangible digital prototypes and enabling them to communicate their ideas to an international, non-tech audience is one of the key goals we aim to achieve.
Successful bluetooth library integration in cooperation with the client's research and development team

The solution

To expand the possibilities of technological advancement for one of their consumer apps, we established a consulting and development partnership with the R&D team. We took over the Bluetooth library development and created a validation tool for Android as well as iOS, which helps the client’s team test and validate their multiple hardware and firmware versions. As part of this process, we also took an active role in shaping the Bluetooth interface of new device iterations. For this, we created a hacker lab within the office that allows us to work efficiently with early stage hardware prototypes. This enables flashing firmwares on microcontrollers, soldering new batteries, and even 3D-printing a custom case to be performed effortlessly by our engineering team.

In addition to the main development workstream, we are developing proof-of-concept prototypes and study tools that help assess the usability and feasibility of adding new technologies to existing consumer products. The very productive teamwork of R&D specialists and our Software Engineers creates new possibilities for the application, which have the potential to evolve into even larger, more powerful projects in the future.

Apart from the main development work stream, we developed proof-of-concept prototypes and study tools that helped assess the usability and feasibility of adding new technologies to existing consumer products. This creates more possibilities for the application and partnership to turn into larger, more powerful projects in the future.

About the client

Our client is a global multi-brand consumer goods corporation who established one of the longest-standing oral care brands across the globe.

The Technology.


  • Kotlin
  • Swift
  • Java
  • Objective-C


  • Xcode
  • Android Studio
  • Core Bluetooth
  • RxSwift
  • ReactiveX
  • App Clips
  • NFC
  • iBeacon


  • Firebase
  • Bitrise

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