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Mobile Applications and Web Services

Planning and development of high quality mobile apps and web services is Monstar Lab’s greatest area of expertise. We can offer a one-stop service covering everything from proposing plans to match our clients’ business objectives, from UI/UX creation, through design and development, to operation and maintenance. Naturally, it is also possible to request our services for only the required parts of your process.


Our planning capabilities are what make Monstar Lab your ideal strategic partner in the field of IT. We offer everything from A to Z; from initial service planning and proposals to final brushing up of our clients’ ideas. Combining both business-oriented and technical perspectives, we propose substantive, fundamental plans (including specific functional proposals and post-development marketing plans) for achieving our clients’ goals. In many of the projects we have handled thus far, we have provided help and support from the earliest planning phases.

UX & UI Design

Transforming plans for apps and web services into more concrete visualizations, and translating them into actual on-screen content is another one of Monstar Lab’s areas of specialty. Designing unique UI/UX for mobile apps and web services that anticipate the behavior of users is an area that requires even greater specialist expertise than planning. Monstar Lab’s UI/UX team stays constantly aware the latest global trends, and works to build further upon its own unique UX methodologies.


Over a period of ten years, Monstar Lab has handled the development of over 800 apps and web services; constantly adopting the latest and most appropriate technologies, and standardizing its organizational structures and workflows to achieve the highest levels of quality. On the other hand, we also offer a variety of development methodologies, work setups and pricing schemes, and cater flexibly to our clients’ particular needs and organizational setup.

Operation & Maintenance

In the operation phase that follows the release of a new service, Monstar Lab allows its clients to choose from various contract formats that cater to their own particular organizational setup and needs; including everything from contracts that offer full operational frameworks to implement aggressive growth strategies for clients’ services, to those which handle small scale functional improvements, modification and repairs, and the bare minimum amount of necessary maintenance.

Our Work

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