March 18, 2021

Monstarlab 2021, part III: From DNA to visual identity

This is the third and last of three short articles on the thoughts that went into the process and meaning behind our new brand What is a brand? Is it the colours of a business? A logo? A particular way of behaving? The w...


March 13, 2021

Monstarlab 2021, part II: The Works

This is the second of three short articles on the thoughts that went into the process and meaning behind our new brand Working with a global brand and developing a unified identity across different cultures, languages, a...


March 10, 2021

Monstarlab 2021, part I: Driving global unity

This is the first of three short articles on the thoughts that went into the process and meaning behind our new brand. On March 4th, all Monstarlab subsidiaries merged into one, with the renaming and rebranding of all lo...


January 18, 2021

3 Useful Product Analytics Tracking Plan Templates

In the Monstarlab product analytics team, we use a number of templates to reduce re-work when defining & implementing an analytics strategy. In this article, I’ll share 3 tracking plan templates we use. These templat...

Consultancy Strategy

January 14, 2021

Attracting (and Retaining) World-Class Developer Talents

As companies are becoming more and more digital, the need for strong developer talent rises. Converting critical business processes from analogue to digital requires the right set of people to ensure the ongoing success ...

Consultancy Technology

January 14, 2021

When to Use the Design Sprint (and when not to)

A framework for deciding when to apply the Design Sprint and when to apply the Discovery Sprint   Over the past years, I-as many other design thinkers have-fallen in love with Five Day Design Sprint. I have flexed a...

Consultancy Experience

January 14, 2021

How Employee Apps Are the Backbone of Successful Enterprises

Discover why employee apps power talent retention, improve job satisfaction and increase productivity within your workforce. Adapt internal communication to your workforce From a business pers...

Consultancy Experience Strategy

January 11, 2021

Innovation in the Supply Chain

Innovation in the Supply Chain The supply chain is a forgotten tool in the age of digital. Undeniably companies face tougher competition than ever. Advancements in technology, access to outsourced production, and service...


January 07, 2021

Changing the Game of Financial Services Through CX Transformation

  By Tobias Lund-Eskerod, Strategy and Delivery Lead, Monstarlab   Moving into a new decade, any company operating in a customer-facing industry faces the ramifications of the rapid digital developmen...

Banking, Financial Services & Insurance Consultancy Strategy

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