Monstar Lab Expands Its Business to the Europe Market through Acquisition of Nodes, a Leading Mobile App Development Company in Europe

Aug 10, 2017


Tokyo, Japan – August 7 2017 – Monstar Lab, Inc., a Japanese digital product development firm, has announced that it has entered into an agreement to acquire Nodes, a European mobile app development company. Acquiring Nodes will pave the way for Monstar Lab to enter the European market and to create an ecosystem for digital product development with global top talents. Monstar Lab now has offices in 17 cities and in 9 different countries. With a foot in the markets of the three largest economic zones of the world, Europe, Asia and the US, Monstar Lab will continue to expand its business to become number one in the world as a company for digital transformation.


Monstar Lab’s Global Strategy

Monstar Lab will begin its services in Europe through M&A of Nodes, a European company that already has clients in many of the biggest markets in Europe including London (UK), Copenhagen and Aarhus (Denmark). Monstar Lab plans on expanding to other markets such as Germany in the future through further investment in Nodes.

Through this M&A, Monstar Lab will have offices in three major economic zones around the world, including the US where there is already a base in San Francisco and Asia (Tokyo, Beijing, Shanghai, Singapore). Monstar Lab will continue to strive to become a world-renowned company for digital transformation (digitizing business and services), and number one in the world in terms of revenue, number of bases and presence. By 2018, Monstar Lab plans on generating half of its revenue overseas.


Monstar Lab offices (Country, Year of Establishment)

  1. Tokyo (Japan, 2006)
  2. Chengdu (China, 2011)
  3. Singapore (Singapore, 2014)
  4. Shimane (Japan, 2014)
  5. Qingdao (China, 2014)
  6. Da Nang (Vietnam, 2015)
  7. Shanghai (China, 2015)
  8. Dhaka (Bangladesh, 2015)
  9. San Francisco (US, 2015)
  10. Osaka (Japan, 2016)
  11. Hanoi (Vietnam, 2016)
  12. Manila (The Philippines, 2016)
  13. Cebu (The Philippines, 2017)
  14. Beijing (China, 2017)
  15. Copenhagen (Denmark, 2017)
  16. Aarhus (Denmark, 2017)
  17. London (UK, 2017)


Why Nodes

1. An established brand in the Europe market with an extensive client base

Nodes is an established brand in Denmark and UK and has a client base that includes the government, banks and multinational corporations (Unilever, Samsung, GlaxoSmithKline).

2. Talented engineers and UI/UX designers

Nodes has more than 75 talented developers and UI/UX designers. The high quality of their end products is well recognized as can be seen in one of their digital products, the e-bok project, an app with one of the most downloads in Denmark.

3. Culture Synergy

The company culture and spirit at Nodes to take on challenges matches with that of Monstar Lab, who is aiming to become the top digital product development firm in the world. Nodes’s founder shares Monstar Lab’s vision to “create an ecosystem for diversity” and “to change the world with technology”. The founder is experienced and willing to grow and has the right attitude to best fit Monstar Lab’s needs.

About Monstar Lab.Inc

Monstar Lab is a digital product development firm which provides digital product(mobile app and web) development services, music streaming services and mobile gaming services in 9 countries and 17 cities (Tokyo, Osaka, Matsue, Chengdu, Qingdao, Shanghai, Hanoi, Da Nang, Cebu, Singapore, San Francisco, Dhaka, Cebu, Manila, Copenhagen, Aarhus and London: 2017 July).

About Nodes

Nodes is a mobile app development firm with high level UX and tech skills to create beautiful and complex applications. Its headquarter is in Copenhagen, with two other offices in London and Aarhus(Denmark). Nodes has 75 passionate developers, designers and mobile consultants.


Monstar Lab, Inc



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