Monstarlab Group appoints Yoshihiro Nakahara as new global CFO

Feb 24, 2021


Monstarlab, a digital development agency with a focus cutting-edge IT engineering and design, is pleased to announce the appointment of Yoshihiro Nakahara as new global CFO to enforce financial collaboration in the group.

With his experience as CFO of the global businesses and cross-division projects, he will strengthen the group structure by increasing communication between the financial team and the business team.

Global CFO Yoshihiro Nakahara;

“I have empathy for the company philosophy that sustainable creation of employment opportunities around the world leads to people’s self-fulfillment and social innovation. I anticipate that Monstarlab has potential to become one of the best global organizations in Asia, and the world because of the uniqueness of the global scale as a venture,  previous projects and strong will of individual employees. As a financial specialist, I will build an ecosystem that can provide important numerical information timely to support setting the clear missions for both management and individuals of the group.”

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