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Empowering patients and professionals with transformative technology

Building a strong collaboration with a prominent Danish life science enterprise around maturing the innovation pipeline of new digital and connected app services, this project demonstrates how the right partnership can push and progress digital transformation through strong deliveries.
A renowned life science enterprise and Monstarlab worked closely and with a long-term partnership in mind, to grow and mature an innovation funnel for the company’s digital app services. As a result, we now support a wide range of the company’s internal apps including solutions for sales teams, clinical trial programs, and tools for healthcare providers to engage with patients - reducing digital service complications and improving the overall experience for patients while documenting superior product quality in the market.
82% of users said they would would recommend the app

Improving patients’ quality of life

The company came to us with the objective of creating better digital solutions to help users of traditionally incommodious personal medical equipment. A crucial tool to retain patients, as too many drop out of treatment after the first 5 years due to complications and lack of routines. The company needed to encourage and enable its users to take more initiative and control of everyday health routines.

The solution was to provide users with companion apps including relevant functionality and tools to establish and maintain healthy routines. By gaining more control and reducing the level of complications in treatment this would ultimately lead to a greater benefit from the physical product, prevent users from being hospitalised, and enable patients to improve their quality of life significantly. With a rapid innovation pace, we designed and built two pilot versions within 2-3 months.
56% of all pilot users say it’s easier to follow routines with our solutions

44% of all users say they feel more in control using our bespoke products

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