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January 08, 2021

How to Build a Healthy Product Roadmap: Foundational Principles

The discipline of Product Management is built around two core tenets: Define a clear, value-based product strategy Create and manage a healthy product roadmap This article is focused on the second. The roadmap and the ...


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January 07, 2021

Changing the Game of Financial Services Through CX Transformation

Moving into a new decade, any company operating in a customer-facing industry faces the ramifications of the rapid digital development that has permeated society. Customers are increasingly tech-savvy and have grown accu...

Banking & Insurance Customer Experience

January 07, 2021

How We Organise and Empower Our Global Design Team with Internal Sprints in Jira

The Monstarlab design team is spread across the globe — from Copenhagen to London to Dubai — so our work is decentralised by nature. We implemented this ‘internal sprints’ approach before the pandemic hit, back when the ...

Agile Delivery Experience Design

January 06, 2021

Usability Testing and How to Convince Your Stakeholders

In-depth user research is vital for truly understanding human needs, behaviours and motivations. Usability testing is unquestionably an essential part of user research. But what does it really mean? Why should you care? ...

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January 06, 2021

Designing for Hospitality: 7 Tips for Creating Digital and Physical Experiences That Make Us Feel Welcome

Hospitality is a powerful notion that is at the centre of creating delightful user experiences. As a designer who’s worked with clients across a range of industries, I know firsthand the value hospitality can unlock on d...

Retail & eCommerce Customer Experience Digital Transformation Experience Design

January 06, 2021

How To Be a Great Product Manager: Enterprise vs. Startup

The role of the product manager is defined in various ways across industries. But there are common threads which run through every great product manager. It doesn’t matter if you are working at an enterprise or a startup...


The Value-Based Approach stategy

January 06, 2021

The Value-Based Approach: How to Define a Product Strategy

In my article on why Product Management is so misunderstood, I described how the discipline is structured around two core tenets: define a clear, value-based product strategy and create and manage a healthy roadmap.  In ...


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January 06, 2021

The Future of IoT: Security and Privacy Focused

  IoT is starting to show up more and more these days. It is taking over most mundane tasks in people’s homes. This makes it more important than ever to make sure to think the ethics into modern IoT solutions and to...

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