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Brilliant technology puts people first, whether they are completing an online purchase, or entering sales figures as part of a mobile workforce. We combine service design, qualitative user research and the latest technology to create highly compelling personalised user experiences that delight and motivate, whatever the goal. User research will become the heart of your product development, using the latest analytics and iterative design. The fine-tuning never stops.
Meet the team:
Amale Ghalbouni heads up our strategy practice in the UK. Her expertise sits at the intersection of business strategy, innovation and human-centred design. She has worked extensively with clients in banking, finance and insurance on creating new products and services, transforming the way they operate through digital, and helping them gain competitive edge by diversifying and focusing on solving customers’ unmet needs. She partners with clients to identify the highest value opportunity to solve for, brings the voice of the customer into the boardroom and collaborates with the team to deliver a viable, desirable and delightful solution to market.
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