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Monstarlab Music Revamps Monstar Channel Logo And Redesigns Its App

Jun 02, 2021


 Monstarlab, which leverages its talent across 16 countries and 25 cities worldwide, announced that its subsidiary Monstarlab Music has taken the opportunity to redefine its service mission and revamp its logo with this concept with the 10th anniversary of the “Monstar Channel” in 2020.

Monstar Channel

Monstar Channel is a commercial music streaming service that helps customers play music in their shops and businesses by bypassing the complex contracting process that is standard in Japan. With over 1000 channels, it provides the ideal soundtrack for any mood.

Monstar Channel Logo

About the new logo and service mission

Our service mission has been redefined as

“Music for all spaces – through the power of technology”

The enclosure that surrounds the logo represents “all spaces” and the arcs in gradation from purple to pink express music traveling throughout space. The colours represent our strength in technology and the affinity to the services we provide, intended to create a distinctive colour for our logo. 

Revamped app: Monstar Channel

The following five areas were especially emphasised in this renewal:

– Improved user experience
The aim was to design a stylish and easy-to-use UI/UX. Monstarlab’s Digital Consulting Division, which has extensive experience in the UI/UX domain, conducted a complete review and design based on user research.

Monstar Channel App Screenshots

 – Easy scheduling

While enabling the user to set up a detailed timetable, the process had been time-consuming. The new setup requires 3 steps. By specifying “ambiance,” “with or without song” and “time,” a recommended schedule is provided automatically based on the type of business, which enables the user to easily set up a daily schedule.

Monstar Channel on Smartphone
Easy scheduling


– More accurate recommendations

The recommendation engine was renewed, and functions enforced. In addition to recommendations specific to service or the type of business of the store or facility that used the app, recommendations based on weather and time of day are also displayed.

– Easy and quick search

By implementing tags for all music channels, keywords such as type of music and ambiance can now be used to search for music channels, and not only by music genres such as jazz and pop. 

– The Editor’s Playlist Monstar Channel (beta version)

The Editor’s Playlist Channel function automatically changes the music channel based on the time of day, morning, afternoon, and evening. By simply selecting The Editor’s Playlist, optimum background music that creates ambiance is played all day, without having to navigate the app to change the music or set up a timetable. This is a beta version function currently under development.

Monstar Channel App on Smartphone Screen
Left: the Editor’s Playlist Channel, Center: Easy and quick search, Right: More accurate recommendations


Monstarlab Music CEO Toshiya Matsuzono:

“It has been 10 years since the background music service for stores, “Monstar Channel” was released. The commercial background music market in Japan, which has been dominated by a single company, is a challenging market, however, our continuous effort in service development has positioned us as a solid top player.  Our strength is in harnessing the power of technology. The new logo captures that message, and the app contains a variety of features that enable users to easily find optimal background music. We will continue to improve these services to provide “optimal music” to stores and facilities all throughout Japan.”


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