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Looking after customers whilst looking after business

Launching in a high-growth market - Tattoodo started out as a “digital lifestyle hub for all things tattoo-related,” with content, community and a marketplace. Following a number of successful funding rounds with high profile investors, the company sought a tech partner to develop something special for the fast-growing American tattoo market.

Creating something sticky, for millions of users - With 30% of Americans getting tattoos, we had to create something that could handle millions of users and keep them coming back for more. Together, we designed and developed a mobile platform for iOS and Android, where users can browse, pin and share millions of images and articles, and curate these to fit their own preference of style, artist, and location. The app also enables users to search and follow their favourite artists or to discover tattoo-connoisseurs that match their tastes.
Engaging and keeping users: the app quickly became the primary channel for driving loyalty in the Tattoodo digital universe - helping to support over 500,000 tattoo artists and more than 6 million registered users.

Iterative design process

In order to build the first version of the Tattoodo app, we went through an iterative design phase, to align with Tattoodo’s design and product team on direction and scope. Based on the existing web platform, we translated the Tattoodo brand to a mobile app setting.

The design sprints focused on specific core features in order to solve the challenge of navigating and searching millions of users and images of tattoos. All in various styles, sizes, placement etc.

The visual design included details like a completely custom, tattoo-themed, icon set. Some with additional animation when interacting. A strong visual system was also defined in order to have a consistent experience across the product. The interface was based on native conventions on each platform, and included several custom interactions and views that took the experience to a whole other level.

Our mobile development team worked closely with the Tattoodo team in order to integrate with existing systems and to build the individual apps for iOS and Android.