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Q&A with Federica Rossetti, UK Delivery Consultant

April 26, 2022

Federica Rossetti Delivery Consultant MonstarlabMeet Federica Rossetti, our Delivery Consultant from Monstarlab’s London office and our first participant of the Q&A session from the UK team.

We had a chat with Federica about her day to day responsibilities, aspirations and her personal projections for the future of the digital world.

How long have you worked at Monstarlab UK, and what attracted you to joining the team?

I joined Monstarlab in May 2021, so it’s been almost a year now. When I saw the job post on LinkedIn, I was immediately attracted by the opportunity of working on exciting digital projects across a range of sectors, for a company with offices all over the world. I also really liked that Monstarlab has made an emphasis on empowering employees to develop their skills via continuous learning.

Could you tell us a little about your background?

I started my career in 2013 as a graduate trainee in a startup consultancy based in Edinburgh. In a startup things change quite quickly and you need to be able to adapt, so my job was quite versatile there and enabled me to wear many hats.

When I moved to London in 2015 I kept working remotely for the same company. I was traveling to Edinburgh every now and then, but that wasn’t the life I wanted, so I started to search for other opportunities in London.

I found a job as a project manager in a company focused on website development. I worked there for around 3.5 years, managing different projects for the public sector, government, and local authorities. In this role, I developed my project management skills further, got certified in Prince 2 and Agile Scrum Master, and learnt a lot about the use of CMS systems and GDS standards.

Federica Rossetti quote

What are your day to day responsibilities here at Monstarlab UK?

As a delivery consultant, I’m the first point of contact for my clients and my team. My main responsibility is to make sure that projects are running smoothly, that they are within the timeline and budget allocation, and that any risks are highlighted and mitigated in a timely manner. Working together with the other consultants in both the UK and worldwide offices, we always try to develop best practices and keep improving our internal processes.

I also get involved in other company culture initiatives, for example last year I became the DE&I ambassador for the London office and my mission is to promote diversity, equality and inclusion.

What has been your professional highlight at Monstarlab UK?

I would say my professional highlight is the work my team and I have been doing since last October on a mobile app for a leading insurance company. The main features we have developed for this app is including a gamification functionality for calculating discounts, setting targets and showing motivational prompts to achieve them.

What do you hope to achieve, both professionally and personally?

Both professionally and personally I hope to keep learning something new every day! Personally, what I missed the most in the last couple of years is traveling, so I’m hoping that soon I’ll be able to travel anywhere.

What do you enjoy the most about Monstarlab?

The people I work with. Even though the company has 30 offices throughout the world, it really feels like one big family. Everyone has been very helpful since day one, the level of collaboration and commitment to work is amazing. When I joined Monstarlab I loved the focus on developing new skills and learning from others and that’s what I still really like about the company. You can always give and receive feedback, as well as getting involved in a variety of different company initiatives.

From your point of view: which trends in the digital world will we observe in the UK in 2022?

I think the pandemic has massively changed how people perceive their job and spend their time now – so I think that the main focus of many sectors would be digital tools for time management and productivity improvements. I also think crypto currency and the use of IoT in different sectors (e.g. in the food industry) will also continue to gain more popularity.

If you would like to learn more about life at Monstarlab and search for open roles, please visit our careers page here.


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