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Monstarlab 2021, Part I: Driving Global Unity

March 10, 2021

This is the first of three short articles on the thoughts that went into the process and meaning behind our new brand. On March 4th, all Monstarlab subsidiaries merged into one, with the renaming and rebranding of all local companies. With this came an entirely new brand, building on the history and values of each unique office, and fusing them together to create the strongest foundation for a unified future – a global unity.

global unity of the Monstarlab team - a group of Monstarlab employees from across the world

A need for global unity

Monstarlab was created in 2006 with the aim of becoming an organisation where highly motivated and talented people from many cultures, nationalities and backgrounds work together. After 15 years in business and welcoming a number of creative, engineering, and consulting talent-intensive international companies in Vietnam, Philippines, across Europe and Middle East and in the US, this goal remains as we operate as one borderless team, engaging in friendly and healthy collaborative competition to create innovative new services and businesses.

And in 2019, the work towards the integration of all the entities towards creating a truly borderless tech powerhouse focused on solving our future’s challenges began.

The road to a new beginning

As we prepared to rebrand and merge many powerful brands into one, we found it important to create a fresh start for everyone in the company – one that came in a package of a new mission, an original business value proposition, evolved values, and a vision to promote the following three main points with our new representation:

  1. Consistency across the organisation – a symbol of the unification of the four corners of the world,
  2. Collaboration across the company – in order to not become a centralised company, the highly collaborative process of developing the CVI across markets in itself was part of the goal,
  3. Differentiation – creating a unique brand to stand out in the sea of blue consultancies.

With this new foundation, colleagues across all countries connect and build the company’s future, together – further solidifying our unity, while getting the perfect makeover. 

In the next chapter, we discuss the process that went into developing the brand brick and mortar. Stay tuned!


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