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Agile Delivery

February 08, 2022

Why implementing agile on its own isn’t enough without modern software engineering

The State of DevOps report 2021 has just been released and it shows the important link between modern software engineering practices and business agility. People who have read the report before or are familiar with the book ‘Accelerate’ by Nicole For...

January 14, 2021

When to Use the Design Sprint (And When Not To)

A framework for deciding when to apply the design sprint and when to apply the discovery sprint Over the past years, I – as many other design thinkers – have fallen in love with Five Day Design Sprint. I have...

Agile Delivery Experience Design

January 07, 2021

How We Organise and Empower Our Global Design Team with Internal Sprints in Jira

The Monstarlab design team is spread across the globe — from Copenhagen to London to Dubai — so our work is decentralised by nature. We implemented this ‘internal sprints’ approach before the pandemic hit, back when the ...

Agile Delivery Experience Design