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Digital is borderless and so are we. Our global network spans 15 countries and 26 cities, blending cultures, insights and experience from the best in the world allowing us to tackle the toughest challenges.

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Partnership Programs

Partnership Programs

Joint Venture Program

The Joint Venture Program enables you to internalize your Dedicated Resource Hire team members to direct employment under a joint venture company structure with Monstar Lab. This is an effective way to establish an offshore development base after training and developing your Dedicated Development Team over several months or years.

Joint venture investment criteria can be discussed freely to meet your needs, with Monstar Lab taking on either a minority or a majority involvement in the venture.

Accelerator Program

For startup businesses that meet a certain criteria, Monstar Lab can invest into a 5-10% stake in the business in exchange for up to 50% reduction in development costs.

Many startup companies experience difficulties in recruiting or securing skilled development teams, mainly due to insufficient funding or lack of a sufficient track record in the business. Some startups regard their IT components as part of their core business, thus believing that it is not appropriate to outsource this core component. However, to get the best possible start in a rapidly changing business environment, it might be better to consider strategically outsourcing some of your development to companies with the necessary expertise and know-how.

Monstar Lab’s Dedicated Development Team engagement model is one path towards eventually internalizing a skilled team within your company, allowing you to train personnel in almost exactly the same way as directly hired employees and to accumulate know-how within your business. The process of team formation (by interview and nomination) is also essentially the same as a standard recruitment process. You can either immediately launch a cost-effective dedicated team under the Accelerator Program, or you can slowly build up a team’s capabilities and then later completely internalize the team through our Joint Venture Program.


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