Saudi Arabia

Saudi Hospitality Organization

Operationally transforming a leading a Saudi hospitality organization towards expansion

A leading Saudi hospitality organization were exploring a strategy refresh and transformation of their offerings to increase their top line revenue and gross profit and better establish their organization within Saudi and the Middle East. 
The organization was facing plateauing performance in recent years due to a combination of external and internal factors. While the Middle East continues to be recognized as a top holiday destination in recent years, the competition in the region has intensified, especially with neighboring United Arab Emirates and Oman. The situation was also complicated by a range of adverse internal factors, such as underperforming assets and insufficient speed in seizing new growth opportunities. Therefore, the organization looked to change a strategy to drive an upwards trajectory in performance and  to better establish themselves within the region. 
Strategy recommendations were approved by the board and put into action

The collaboration

We started our engagement working alongside the client to understand historical initiatives, growth avenues and financial performance. Our initial findings led us to conducting an in-depth analysis of market dynamics and key trends, as well as an understanding of global best practices in the hotel industry. From the detailed analysis of internal data and market trends, we identified multiple growth opportunities, including regional expansion and brand collaboration, which laid a foundation for a core growth strategy.

Achieving the growth strategy required a certain degree of organizational transformation where the strategic realignment on the top line would be underpinned by business and operational excellence.

Once the strategy recommendations were approved, we proceeded with the initial stage of 3-phase transformation, starting with our operational excellence transformation with a focus on key processes improvement to return towards their envisioned growth path. 

About our client

Our client is a leading hospitality organization in the middle east, operating primarily in Saudi Arabia and collaborating with several international hotel chains including Marriott and IHG Hotels. The organization has over 30 hotels, serviced apartments and residential compounds with an additional 3,000 rooms in the pipeline