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Integrated Inventory System for Manufacturing and Retail industry

A brewery company in Australia needs an inventory system to keep track of product supply across their country.
Monstarlab Manila has developed an inventory system that allows the client to keep track of production, orders, transfers and deliveries of products (as per the nature of the client's business, alcoholic beverages) across different sites in Australia with ease and simplicity. It gives different levels of access to different part of their organization to ensure a smooth process flow and coordination from manufacturing to invoicing. For instance, the app is also utilized by delivery personnel through their company issued tablets for carrying out and signing off of product deliveries to customer bars.

We also produced a customer portal web application integrated to the main Boozehouse application to provide their patrons an easy way to order their liquor online and restock their bar shelves.
Accommodated more than 65,000 orders and over 55,000 deliveries made.