Gamified Ads Platform

Gamified Ads Platform for Advertising Agency

With the more competitive and heavily digital era of advertising, more firms are looking for something different and creative. They’re looking for something more effective for the people in and beyond their niche. While for looking for effective ways to engage their brand’s audiences, one particular firm has envisioned capturing its audience with a gamified ad platform. This is where we come in.
Monstar Lab Philippines developed a platform where game developers can upload game templates that brands can use in their marketing campaigns. Here, we made customizing game templates to match brand/campaign objectives and tracking and monitoring the rate of engagements, click-throughs & reward redemptions breezy and enjoyable for brands using Wix for their website much more convenient and easy! You could say we changed the game.
With more than 1,000,000 customer gameplays and 19,000 app downloads via Wix